What’s In a Name? Graphic Designer Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles

When it comes to the limits of creativity, every day we find at least one graphic designer proving us that there is no such limit. Design is more than a visual stimulant to buy products or promote brands. The best design works are usually done when there is no paid compensation for the work.

For Austin Light, the idea to toy with movie titles by removing just one letter from them led to a series of illustrations that have all the chances to enter a hall of fame of their own.

The Obocop

There is a tongue-in-cheek type of humor in Austin Light’s illustration of the famous, fearless bionic character playing the oboe. The character’s details are well captured in solid marker lines and the background is merely suggested lightly.


The Ron Man

The graphic designer changes drawing style and goes for a full color poster for this piece. The technique is similar to comic strip cartoons in full color…and hilarity.


The Lord of the Rigs

Back to the simple black markers, Austin Light creates a powerful and suggestive scene. There is something Mordor-like in the atmosphere with Gollum as a trucker perched atop his precious truck.



This is an interesting drawing technique and it shows a lot of talent and thought by the graphic designer. The only colored elements are the hair and eyeglasses – in bright red – creating a powerful contrast with the rest of the black & white illustration.


Harry Otter

Austin Light goes back to the classic black & white comic strip drawing style for this piece, which is not just visually interesting, but also funny as a small cartoon with dialogues. Now, this is a promising beginning for a story like no otter!


Pup Fiction

This is yet another great drawing technique mastered by Austin Light. The characters are cut out from an all black background and the whole scene retains the atmosphere of Tarantino’s cult film. Doggone business, indeed!


Aging Bull

It’s a great feat for a graphic designer to draw a bull looking like Robert De Niro. Perhaps this one is the greatest artistic achievement from all this funny series, but we don’t want to pass judgment of any kind.



Austin Light has an impressive graphic designer portfolio – give it a look: http://society6.com/austinlight/prints

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