That’s Wired! English Artist Richard Stainthorp Creates Amazing Sculptures from Wire

Being an artist in the 21st century means being able to find unlikely raw materials and use them in a creative, original manner. British artist Richard Stainthorp uses wire to create mesmerizing sculptures with a powerful vitality in them.

In His Own Words

“Wire is an extremely difficult medium to work with. It is not automatically what one would consider as a ‘material’ for creating solid, three-dimensional sculptures. It was the fact that it was so difficult that made it a challenge for me.”


This is one indication of creativity – finding a challenge in difficult situations, not backing off and taking refuge in safe methods and styles. For Richard Stainthorp, the challenge was overcome. His artwork is now of notoriety and he continues to improve and hone his skill.

The Artist Is Never a Slave of Trends

Seeing his success with human shaped sculptures, Richard Stainthorp might have become an author of “wire people”. And probably that would have brought him success and money.


But artistry is about finding always something new to create and perfect. The artist must not become too comfortable in his skill and find a trend to stick with. He must seek something different, something no one has ever done before.


The wire landscapes created by Richard Stainthorp are proof to this tireless scouting for a new form of expression. The single tree is rich in detail and conveys a deep knowledge of nature and the will to bend manmade objects into a shape that imitates nature.

The Artist Who Is A Constant Student

Human nudes, angels and trees – this is just the beginning for Richard Stainthorp. “I knew that if I could get a sculpture looking right from all angles then I would have mastered the material, however 16 years later I am yet to achieve that goal, although I’ve been close at times. It is this challenge that is my ongoing motivation.”



He never considers his skill perfected and he will continue his quest for the perfect form, the original expression and the inner voice that is 100% his own. This is, probably, the most honest definition of a true artist.

Discover the artist’s works here:

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