Stephen Baker Brings Back Postmodern Design …And It’s Awesome

Postmodern design was on life support for a while, but various new artists are making earnest attempts to bring it back to life. And Stephen Baker is one of these artists – and he is quite successful is his pursuit.

The Blue Trend

Picasso was famous for his various colors eras. He favored one color in his paintings, and then moved on to another color. Stephen Baker is inclined to infuse one painting with a color theme. His blue illustrations are cool and fresh.




By mixing various shades of blue, Baker achieves an overall effect of smooth flow. The design is clean and pleasant to the eyes. It works on many level: as a cool and calming background, as a work of art rich in meaning and as a beautiful exponent of minimalist design.

Minimalism Is Still King

For Stephen Baker, postmodern design goes really well with minimalism. Nothing non-essential is allowed in his illustrations. The human figure is reduced to a stickman, but it is still expressive and belongs naturally in the digital environment created by the artist.


It is very important to note that minimalism is still one of the most powerful design trends. Good design rules and simple is good. Simplicity is one of the hardest effects to attain by a designer, but one of the most rewarding. We live busy lives and have no time or patience to decipher complex meanings in cluttered graphics. The idea must leap out at us – or we walk away with no memory of impression of the design.

Another Way to Say Less Is More

For Stephen Baker, art is not a tortuous, complex muse with mood swings. It is a clear and simple idea expressed in clean cut lines and vibrant colors. It is easy to watch and understand.


In conclusion, postmodern design is still alive, but it slowly bows under the exigencies of the digital world and the demands of our fast paced lifestyles.

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