Kris Kuksi’s Eclectic Artwork – Proof that Design Skills Can Span Mediums

Many artists will focus their design skills on one field, because it is what they studied, what they were successful doing and because of the old saying that you can only excel in one thing. This type of thinking was a stopper to the creativity of many designers who, we are sure, would have had much more to say and give to the world in terms of artworks.

Breaking the Barrier

Thankfully, not everyone believes in outdated sayings, and Kris Kuksi is one of these people. He excels in sculpture, painting and drawing. While painting and drawing may be considered kindred design skills, the leap from the flat sheet of paper to three dimensional sculpted images is not something anyone can do.



Kris Kuksi impresses through the clear lines in his paintings. He is a fine portrait painter, he has an eye for detail in the rendition of close-ups of delicate flowers and is a great illustrator of fantasy scenes.




This in itself shows the willingness to break free from a certain image and label. It is easy to keep doing the same thing, if you are really good at it and people like it. Some artists are remembered for endless flower fields or portraits of children with dogs or cats. It is the type of artwork which sells well and could keep an artist going strong financially for year. But sometimes along the line he would stop being an artist.

Reinventing Design Skills

Even so, with this wide variety of painting themes, Kris Kuksi was not satisfied with the way of expressing his talent. He tried his hand – successfully – at sculpture.


His sculptures are nothing like his paintings. He has a unique, distinctive style of shaping complex scenes, with spikes, spires, characters inspired by various mythologies. A mini-universe full of tiny creatures, arabesque shapes is comprised in one sculpture. It is impossible to define it as a style or trend. It is uniquely isolated in a category of its own and because it defies labeling, it stands out.



Redefining the Concept of Artist

In the end, Kris Kuksi makes us reconsider the concepts of artist, design skills, artistic trends and every other label which we apply for comfort. His works are not comfortable. They yank the viewer out of his comfort zone and make him question all the other labels he applied to other artists.




The key to understand Kris Kuksi as a complete artist is to stop considering design skills and mediums for artistic expression, but accept instead that talent is a universal gift that keeps on giving – in any possible form.

Discover Kris Kuksi’s full portfolio on his website:

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