Minimalist Fans, Attention: Free Icons For Every Design Need

If you love minimalist design, then you will love the free icons we are sharing in this article. We know that it is not easy to find the right type of icons for your design projects and it takes too much time to create every single one you need. So we scouted high and low and we came up with these icon sets which will certainly cover your bases for many projects.

Free Icons for Basic Design Needs

Whether you design a website, a newsletter or a digital poster, these free icons will help you develop the basic structure without worry and time spent searching for the right set of icons. They are the epitome of simplicity and will serve you well in many design projects. The simple, clear cut lines recommend them for blending into any type of concept and theme.


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Something Retro for Nostalgic Designers

If you still muse at the beauty of the first icon sets of the ‘90s, then we bet you will love these free icons. They are just slightly styled and retain that simple and straightforward look of the first websites and software menus.


Details and download here

Minimalist Chic

If the designers of Matrix movie posters created a set of icons, they would look like these ones. They are both futuristic and elegant and we can see hundreds of potential uses for them. We are especially impressed by the these colored icons in this free icons set.


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