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What’s In a Name? Graphic Designer Removes One Letter from Famous Movie Titles

When it comes to the limits of creativity, every day we find at least one graphic designer proving us that there is no such limit. Design is more than a visual stimulant to buy products or promote brands. The best design works are usually done when there is no paid compensation for the work. For

Print that Smiley! Internet Emoticons In Real Life Give Voice to Protests

Whenever you type in the key sequence for a smiley face, you probably don’t think that emoticons in real life have a chance or a use. They exist in the cyberspace, to express what we feel like, because there are no other ways to express these feelings. We must remember that emoticons started out before

The Tell Tale Font: An Insightful Infographic for All Designers

In this infographic you will find all the information you didn’t want to know. To the point, you will find what your favorite font says about you as a designer (and even as a person in general). We asked everyone’s favorite doctor, Dr. Freud, to analyze some of the fonts we see everywhere around the

Are Street Artists the New Graphic Design Superstars?

The rise of Banksy on the world stage of unconventional graphic design is not the result of a twisted chain of events. Sure, Banksy is controversial enough by being an elusive person with enough courage to travel to war torn areas and create murals. But for some time now, street murals have become the new

Kris Kuksi’s Eclectic Artwork – Proof that Design Skills Can Span Mediums

Many artists will focus their design skills on one field, because it is what they studied, what they were successful doing and because of the old saying that you can only excel in one thing. This type of thinking was a stopper to the creativity of many designers who, we are sure, would have had

Stephen Baker Brings Back Postmodern Design …And It’s Awesome

Postmodern design was on life support for a while, but various new artists are making earnest attempts to bring it back to life. And Stephen Baker is one of these artists – and he is quite successful is his pursuit. The Blue Trend Picasso was famous for his various colors eras. He favored one color