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Twin Brothers Turn Vancouver Eyesore into Artwork

In the heart of Vancouver stand six industrial silos, which just months ago were bland, unattractive eyesores – but now are colorful and attractive artwork. Two Brazilian brothers tool upon themselves the task of beautifying this huge and unpleasant sight in the Canadian metropolis. Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo have a lot of things in common,

That’s Wired! English Artist Richard Stainthorp Creates Amazing Sculptures from Wire

Being an artist in the 21st century means being able to find unlikely raw materials and use them in a creative, original manner. British artist Richard Stainthorp uses wire to create mesmerizing sculptures with a powerful vitality in them. In His Own Words “Wire is an extremely difficult medium to work with. It is not

Are Street Artists the New Graphic Design Superstars?

The rise of Banksy on the world stage of unconventional graphic design is not the result of a twisted chain of events. Sure, Banksy is controversial enough by being an elusive person with enough courage to travel to war torn areas and create murals. But for some time now, street murals have become the new

Kris Kuksi’s Eclectic Artwork – Proof that Design Skills Can Span Mediums

Many artists will focus their design skills on one field, because it is what they studied, what they were successful doing and because of the old saying that you can only excel in one thing. This type of thinking was a stopper to the creativity of many designers who, we are sure, would have had

Stephen Baker Brings Back Postmodern Design …And It’s Awesome

Postmodern design was on life support for a while, but various new artists are making earnest attempts to bring it back to life. And Stephen Baker is one of these artists – and he is quite successful is his pursuit. The Blue Trend Picasso was famous for his various colors eras. He favored one color

Takanoki Aiba: When Nature Models Art

Nature inspires art, but sometimes, in skilled hands, nature can be modeled into art. Meet Takanoki Aiba, bonsai master and creator of beauty from living materials. He believes that inspiration and art can be found everywhere and re-created in other forms of art. Miniature Worlds The first thing you notice about Takanoki Aiba’s artwork is

Unique And Best Nail Art Photos

By the way of this post we will going to let the readers know best about the flawless nail art photos? Have you ever try with the nail art designing? Well each single year just like the changes in the fashion clothing the trends of the nail art designing has been often appearing with many

Unique 3D Art Tattoos Designs 2015

There is no single person who would not be considering themselves as not in love with the tattoo designs! Tattoo designs have been gaining the maximum fame and attention among both men and women. In western countries, tattoos are very popular among young boys and girls. Some of the people are not fully aware from

Best Examples Of Digital Art For Desktop

Its time to give the readers with the best examples that is all about the digital art for desktop! Now you would be thinking that what digital art has been all about? Well it is all evident from the term that digital art has been all linked with the concept of catching the images all

Best Collection Of Colorful Art Photography

Have you been searching for some interesting and colorful art photography? Well if yes then stop the search right now because here we will be highlighting with some classy images that will make you fall in love with the art photography. We all know the fact that colors have been always taken as being one