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User Experience in Android Smartphones: Interface Design Evolution

As soon as phones became more than just phones, but small computers, music and movie player, personal agendas and more, the concept of interface design was born. People needed the same type of user experience that they were used to in computers: simple, easy to understand commands, quick to find menu options and redundancy when

Stephen Baker Brings Back Postmodern Design …And It’s Awesome

Postmodern design was on life support for a while, but various new artists are making earnest attempts to bring it back to life. And Stephen Baker is one of these artists – and he is quite successful is his pursuit. The Blue Trend Picasso was famous for his various colors eras. He favored one color

Takanoki Aiba: When Nature Models Art

Nature inspires art, but sometimes, in skilled hands, nature can be modeled into art. Meet Takanoki Aiba, bonsai master and creator of beauty from living materials. He believes that inspiration and art can be found everywhere and re-created in other forms of art. Miniature Worlds The first thing you notice about Takanoki Aiba’s artwork is

Unique Tumblr Backgrounds For Inspirations

By the way of this post we will going to share with the details of unique tumblr backgrounds for inspiration. Well we all know that so far there have been so many categories that have been involved in the photography skills but there are few categories as after capturing them you get the sense of

Unique And Best Nail Art Photos

By the way of this post we will going to let the readers know best about the flawless nail art photos? Have you ever try with the nail art designing? Well each single year just like the changes in the fashion clothing the trends of the nail art designing has been often appearing with many

Unique 3D Art Tattoos Designs 2015

There is no single person who would not be considering themselves as not in love with the tattoo designs! Tattoo designs have been gaining the maximum fame and attention among both men and women. In western countries, tattoos are very popular among young boys and girls. Some of the people are not fully aware from

Stunning Photography Of Volcanoes In The World

If you really think that catching the volcano pictures in the photography camera is quite an easy task then you are 100% wrong!  There are many hard efforts that have to be put together for giving the best and amazing photography of volcanoes. Volcanoes are all defined as being the planet’s surface or crust that

New Motorcycle Wallpapers For Desktop

All the boys out there just get ready because here we are sharing the exciting and new motorcycle wallpapers for desktop! We all know that inside the market there are so many companies and brands that are putting forward the new models of the motorcycle. No doubt that getting the best motorcycle models is the

New And Amazing Nightscape Photography

Without wasting even single second here we will have a look at the new and amazing nightscape photography! Now before we will going to highlight with the wallpapers we would like to talk little about the concept of the nightscape photography. Well nightscape photographyis considered to important style of photography. This photography is getting out

Inspiring And Unique Abstract Photography For Desktop

Just get ready because right inside this post we will going to highlight about the abstract photography! With the passage of time the concept of the abstract photography is becoming so common and demanding among the people. Now you would be thinking that what abstract photography is? Hence we would like to mention that Abstract